What’s life like in the Taco John’s Test Kitchen? Bold, busy and never boring. Here in Cheyenne, WY, we’re always whipping up what’s new in Mexican. My name is Bob Karisny, and I’m Taco John’s Corporate Chef. I spend my day researching the latest flavor trends, traveling to find new menu ideas and, of course, eating. 
On this website, I’ll be sharing notes from our Taco John’s Test Kitchen, along with my passion for Mexican cuisine. You’ll also hear from Sissy and Carl, my partners in creating – and eating – great food. 
Whether in the U.S. or Mexico, we’re always searching for new flavor ideas and opportunities to learn from the best in Mexican cuisine. Along with these experiences, we’ll also share menu ideas in development and great recipes you can make at home. So tie your apron and get ready to digest some secrets from the Test Kitchen. We hope you came hungry!

Sep 24, 2013
September 24, 2013 by BOB KARISNY
Our first day has already been filled with a lot of teaching from chefs Rick Bayless, Ricardo Munoz and Jorge Vallejo. My mind is full of cool stuff that I want to share, but unfortunately we are getting ready to take off for the labyrinth Mercado Merced, the largest market in Mexico.
I will share more about these three chefs' presentations in another post, but first I wanted to share a few photos. On these tours we eat a lot, but we always leave room for the local tacos. In the photos you'll see a chef carving off a large piece of meat that looks like gyros. This is actually pork that makes a very tasty taco called Al Pastor. You can also see the condiments that come with the tacos – not just salsa, but also limes and pickled items. We tasted a wonderful topping for one of the tacos made from chicharones (fried pork skins) and a dry sausage. More to come later, but enjoy this taste!
Greetings from Mexico! Greetings from Mexico! Greetings from Mexico!


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