What’s life like in the Taco John’s Test Kitchen? Bold, busy and never boring. Here in Cheyenne, WY, we’re always whipping up what’s new in Mexican. My name is Bob Karisny, and I’m Taco John’s Corporate Chef. I spend my day researching the latest flavor trends, traveling to find new menu ideas and, of course, eating. 
On this website, I’ll be sharing notes from our Taco John’s Test Kitchen, along with my passion for Mexican cuisine. You’ll also hear from Sissy and Carl, my partners in creating – and eating – great food. 
Whether in the U.S. or Mexico, we’re always searching for new flavor ideas and opportunities to learn from the best in Mexican cuisine. Along with these experiences, we’ll also share menu ideas in development and great recipes you can make at home. So tie your apron and get ready to digest some secrets from the Test Kitchen. We hope you came hungry!

Sep 30, 2013
September 30, 2013 by BOB KARISNY

Merced is a huge market with everything from fruits and vegetables to meat and fish. There are many different ingredients I have never seen before. A great thing about these trips is that the chefs encourage us to buy those things we have never seen and bring them to our classes where they will tell us what they are and how they are used.

Since Merced is so large and such a focal point of the city, it is much more than just a food market. You can find prepared food stands to buy all sorts of food to eat. There are multiple stages with live music and, yes, Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling). So you can make a full day of shopping, eating and entertainment.

The market is a full sensory experience of sights, sounds, smells and tastes. It's hard to put in words. I wanted to first share some pictures; in posts to come, I will tell you more about the market and what I like to shop for.



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