Franchise Support

As a franchisee, you will own and manage your own restaurant. Sound scary? It shouldn’t. The Taco John’s Franchise Support Center in Cheyenne, WY, will help you find growth opportunities, provide constant support and act as a sounding board for your ideas and input. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of your business:

  • Franchise Development
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Franchise Business Consulting
  • Human Resources
  • Training


Franchise Development

Support starts from day one of your franchising agreement. The Support Center can assist with market research, real estate development, restaurant design and even construction.

  • Market planning
  • Demographic and traffic reports
  • Competitor sales and performance data
  • Prototype drawings in CAD format
  • Schematic layouts on your property
  • Equipment and materials purchasing support
  • On-site visits during construction

In addition, we offer grand opening support to help you make a good first impression. Before, during and after your opening the Support Center will design a personalized grand opening campaign to drive restaurant traffic. On the operations side, we’ll supply at least two Franchise Business Consultants to assist in training your initial restaurant staff and provide expert guidance.


Marketing & Advertising

Marketing promotions are crafted by the professionals at the Franchise Support Center in addition to an Advertising Production Committee comprised of franchisees from across the chain’s footprint. This committee oversees the production of point-of-purchase materials, television and radio commercials and digital messages for each national calendar promotion.  

In addition, the Support Center’s marketing department helps assist with local store marketing efforts to increase sales, drive traffic and boost consumer awareness. The team can also get your franchise involved with the local community through fundraising efforts, local public relations outreach and media suggestions.


Franchise Business Consulting

Regionally based Franchise Business Consultants are experienced foodservice operators dedicated to helping you with virtually every aspect of your business. FBCs stop into restaurants frequently to help with daily operations, upcoming promotions, new menu item training, employee development, restaurant evaluations and benchmarking with system standards.


Franchisees and their designated restaurant operators (a total of three people) will receive a comprehensive four-week classroom and on-the-job training program in one of our certified training restaurants. An Onboarding Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) will help lead and facilitate this session catered to the needs of new franchises.  

With an intensive training program, you’ll be more comfortable in your new role and more successful from the start with employee selection, coaching, financial management and local store marketing.

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