Flamin' Hot® Cheetos® Burrito creation = Lots of collaboration

So what does it take to make a menu item featuring an iconic ingredient like Flamin Hot® Cheetos® snacks? Lots of collaboration.

One of the first things we needed to learn was the characteristics of the Cheetos® brand. Their brand team shared with us the physical, emotional, attitudinal, sensory and behavioral characteristics their brand invokes. With this information we built prototypes that paired these attributes with our Taco John’s® characteristics. These prototypes were shared with the Pepsi/Frito-Lay innovation team to get their feedback.

After this step, we had a menu item – but now we needed to advertise it. Enter a lot of collaboration between the Cheetos® brand team, Taco John’s® brand team and our advertisement agency. We had to consider the words used, the images portrayed and, most importantly, if and how we could use Chester Cheetah. It is important to remember, come the end of the day, we were blending two brands with separate identities that needed to look as one.

In the end, Cheetos® allowed us to use Chester Cheetah, not just his image but also his voice. This was very exciting for us and generous on the part of Cheetos®. Like the food, all of the marketing needed design, critique, redesign and further critique until it was perfect for all groups. Now all we had to do was produce the advertising. All of the brand elements belonging to Cheetos®, Flamin’ Hot ® Cheetos® and Chester Cheetah are brand specific and needed to be correct, so we worked with animators for Chester Cheetah and the design folks at Cheetos® to create the right look for both brands. Even the smallest element, like the amount of light used for Chester Cheetah, needed to be just right!

The result of all of this collaborative work? Well, the Taco John’s® guest will be the judge of that, but check out the attached video and see what you think. Hopefully it makes you hungry enough to try our new Flamin’ Hot® Cheetos® Burrito! {see the video}