Brett, Matthew and Harold, along with their teacher Mrs. Munroe, spent the day at the Taco John's® Franchise Support Center on Wednesday, May 21 to continue developing their winning entry - Fiery Cornbread Bites. They are the 2013-2014 Taco John's West Mex® Culinary Competition team from Encampment High School. Aside from winning scholarship money, the team was invited back to Cheyenne to work with Carl, Bob and me to get their menu item ready for the next step: research.

I can't give away all their secrets on how they enhanced their menu item; let's just say we tasted several different versions and felt very good about the end result.

One of our vendor partners, William Franklin, CMC, Corporate Executive Chef with Nestlé Professional, was in attendance to observe and offer suggestions to the team. He sat down with them and discussed how the created menu item would go through several different phases before actually getting produced.

The team then met with our Marketing team and discussed the different ways new menu itemsnget designed, produced and marketed. If their creation is tested in the future, it will be sold in Taco John’s restaurants in Cheyenne.

It was a fun filled day, and I feel confident that Brett, Matthew and Harold have a good idea how much work goes into creating, developing, researching, testing, producing, training and marketing a new menu item, along with how long the process can take.








Congratulations to Team Encampment; you are WINNERS!