TJ® Kitchen

Some might say a job in the Taco John’s Test Kitchen is one of the best in the world. Follow our Corporate Chef Bob Karisny and his team members Sissy and Carl as they stir up new menu creations and research today’s food trends. They might even throw in a few recipes.


Brett, Matthew and Harold, along with their teacher Mrs. Munroe, spent the day at the Taco John's® Franchise Support Center on Wednesday, May 21 to continue developing their winning entry - Fiery Cornbread Bites. They are the 2013-2014 Taco John's West Mex® Culinary Competition team from Encampment High School. Aside from winning scholarship money, the team was invited back to Cheyenne to work with Carl, Bob and me to get their menu item ready for the next step: research.

Wyoming ProStart Competition

Taco John’s® is a not just a business; in the cities where we’re located, we are a neighbor. Our franchisees and Support Center employees are very involved in our communities. So much so that at the Taco John’s® Support Center in Cheyenne we are encouraged to do volunteer work, and Taco John’s® pays us for our time doing it.