TJ® Kitchen

Some might say a job in the Taco John’s Test Kitchen is one of the best in the world. Follow our Corporate Chef Bob Karisny and his team members Sissy and Carl as they stir up new menu creations and research today’s food trends. They might even throw in a few recipes.

Flamin' Hot® Cheetos® Burrito creation = Lots of collaboration

So what does it take to make a menu item featuring an iconic ingredient like Flamin Hot® Cheetos® snacks? Lots of collaboration.

One of the first things we needed to learn was the characteristics of the Cheetos® brand. Their brand team shared with us the physical, emotional, attitudinal, sensory and behavioral characteristics their brand invokes. With this information we built prototypes that paired these attributes with our Taco John’s® characteristics. These prototypes were shared with the Pepsi/Frito-Lay innovation team to get their feedback.

Nacho Cheese And Flash

It is hard to look anywhere in our lives and not see the hand of technology helping us do things better. At Taco John’s®, we blend foods made in our restaurant with those made in food manufacturing plants. Technology in food manufacturing has allowed us to produce menu ingredients that are of excellent quality, consistency and are as good as what I could have made in our restaurants. Our food manufacturing “teammates” are an extension of our kitchen and take their contributions to great guest meals at Taco John’s® very seriously.