TJ® Kitchen

Some might say a job in the Taco John’s Test Kitchen is one of the best in the world. Follow our Corporate Chef Bob Karisny and his team members Sissy and Carl as they stir up new menu creations and research today’s food trends. They might even throw in a few recipes.

Shrimp Tacos

Growing up in Wyoming, I only thought of tacos two ways –crispy or soft and they should be filled with one of two things: beef or chicken. I had no point of reference for seafood in a taco. Fortunately, years later on a trip to California I had my first shrimp taco and it was amazing!


Put a little - Potato Oles®, that is - into your holiday meal.

Potato Olés® are certainly a favorite of our guests. So we thought we would share a few ways to use them in your holiday or everyday meals. Check out the recipes below for some “twists” on old favorites.