The TJ® Marketplace

The Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for all Taco John's marketing resources. This portal was created to provide all Taco John's team members including franchisees, managers and media buyers streamlined advertising and marketing information and ease workflow as it relates to tailoring the Taco John's message to local markets.

Explore the icons below to link to Taco John's most utilized marketing resources.

GFX - Print Partner

  • Order standard or custom billboards and free-standing inserts (FSIs).
  • Order local store marketing tools such as bagstuffers, bounce backs, gift cards and more.
  • Download digital images such as digital readerboards, digital billboards and order confirmation screen images.
  • Update your store profile. Order training and operational tools and forms.

Custom Graphics

  • Order custom, local store marketing materials to support local promotions and events.
  • Submit all online banner and digital POP resizing requests.

[email protected]

TV Spots

  • Access Taco John’s most current TV spot library.
  • Ship broadcast-quality SD or HD TV spots and traffic instructions through Extreme Reach partner.
  • Utilize negotiated rates for cost savings on spot shipping.
  • Must create an Extreme Reach account for billing purposes.

To set up a login, contact Dana Bartell at [email protected] or 312-624-7548.

Access digital assets, including online video files, through the media portal.

Radio Spots

  • Download broadcast-quality radio spots.
  • Downloaded spots can be emailed to vendors to save on spot shipping costs.

media portal

Media Portal

  • Review promotional media strategies and recommendations.
  • Access up-to-date TV and radio spots numbers.
  • Download digital creative files, such as online banners.
  • Enter required detailed media reporting.
  • Watch promotional TV spots and listen to radio spot examples.
  • Stay informed with the latest media trends.
  • View a sampling of the National Promotion printed POP materials.
  • Download broadcast-quality radio spots and online pre-roll TV spots (these are not broadcast quality). These downloaded spots can be emailed to vendors to save on spot shipping costs.

To get login information, contact [email protected].