Three Crispy Beef Tacos for $6? Sounds like music to our ears. Download the Taco Taco Taco Combo ringtone on your mobile device!

For Android, follow steps 1-9 below. For iPhone, download now

Step 1

Download the Zedge app.

Step 2

Search Three Taco Combo in Ringtones or click the following links:


Step 3

Tap the white "Set" button in the middle of the screen.

Step 4

Tap "Set Ringtone" in the menu that pops up.

Step 5

Tap "Allow" to allow Zedge to download the ringtone.

Step 6

Tap "Settings" to be taken to the page where you can allow Zedge to modify system settings, like your ringtone.

Step 7

Tap "Allow" to modify system settings.

Step 8

Tap the "Back" button to return to Zedge.

Step 9

You’ll see a toast notification at the bottom of the screen telling you the ringtone has been applied.