Taco John’s® REWARDS FAQ’S

What is this app for?

 The Taco John’s® app is your way to earn great rewards and serves as a loyalty program to all Taco John’s® restaurants. With the app, you can also view our menu, find locations near you, participate in games and contests and share your experience with Taco John’s.

How does it work?

Earn a punch for every time you spend $5 or more at any of our participating restaurants. Once you reach 8 punches, you will receive a FREE small combo meal and your punch balance will reset. Redeem your rewards at any of our participating locations. One punch per visit per day. One redemption per visit per day.

How do I join? 

The Taco John’s® app is available for download on iOS and Android devices via the Apple Store and Google Play store. You can create an account by signing up with Facebook or by filling out your name, email address, and other required fields. You can also join by signing up on our website at https://www.tj-rewards.com.

How do I earn a punch using the Taco John’s® Rewards mobile app? 

Here are the different ways to earn a visit for the Taco John’s® Rewards program:

  1. Tap the “Earn” button and place the QR code on your phone screen to the scanner by the cashier.
  2. If scanning is not an option, tap the “Tap to Earn” button and then tap “Scan Receipt Barcode” and scan the barcode found at the bottom of the receipt or enter the barcode manually.
  3. If your receipt doesn’t have a barcode, tap the “Tap to Earn” button and then tap “No Barcode on Your Receipt.” Select the location you visited then take a picture of your receipt. The photo must clearly show Taco John’s name, the restaurant location, date of purchase, receipt number and total receipt amount. Your punch will be verified after 24 hours of submission. Receipts must be submitted within 15 days of purchase. If you are participating in a “Double Punch” promotion and your receipt does not have a barcode, your double punch will be added within 24 hours.
  4. Give the cashier your email address or phone number to earn your punch at your time of purchase.

How do I redeem my rewards and offers?

For your rewards (Free small Combo Meals), swipe left on the Rewards screen and tap the “Tap to Redeem” button. A popup will come up asking if you are sure you’re ready to use the coupon right away and hit “Yes” if you’re ready. Select the location you are redeeming it at. A 7-digit or 5-digit redemption code (depending on which location you are redeeming at) will be generated which you need to provide to your cashier to use. All other offers are found in the “News & Offers tab and can be redeemed the same way.

How do I use Taco John’s® Rewards without a smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone you can easily sign up and manage your account online here: https://tacojohns.com/tjrewards/