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How do I receive credit / points for a missed Rewards check in?Open your app and choose the 'Earn Points' button. Select 'Scan Barcode' and scan the printed barcode at the bottom of your receipt to receive credit / points for your purchase or enter the Missed Check In code.
How many points will I receive for my purchase?You will earn 10 points for each $1 spent in Restaurant, through the Drive-Thru, Mobile Ordering in the Taco John’s mobile app, and Delivery orders placed in the Taco John’s mobile app. You cannot earn partial points; points will be rounded down for each incomplete dollar spent. All points are earned based on pre-tax total.
How many points do I need to earn a reward?Your first reward is earned at 200 points, or $20 spent.
Where did my Punches and Combos Go?All Free Small Combos that were earned prior to September 1st, 2021 have been expired if they were not redeemed prior to April 29th, 2022 and the new program launch. Visit punches that were older than January 1, 2021 have also been expired due to lack of Account Activity.
There is no bar code on my receipt, how do I get credit / points for my purchase?Love’s Travel Stop locations do not participate in our Rewards Program at this time. If you did not visit a Love’s Travel Stop location, and the bar code is simply missing from your receipt, please send an email with your receipt image to [email protected] within 24 hours of your visit.
Why have I not received my Rewards Points yet?Please allow up to 24 hours for your points to populate in your account.
Do I need a smartphone to participate?Yes. Our Rewards Program functions best in our mobile app. Download the mobile app on your respective App Store.
When do I start earning points?Once you download our mobile app and create an account through our Rewards Program, you can choose the ‘Earn Points’ button in-app to Check In for each purchase you make. Simply Check In by scanning the QR code under ‘Earn Points’ at the Register to start earning today.
Where do I sign up for the Rewards Program?The best way to sign up for our Rewards Program is by downloading our mobile app and creating a Rewards account. Visit your respective App Store today!
How do I redeem the points I earn and receive?Once in-app choose the ‘Redeem’ button. If your points are eligible for redemption, the respective products will be available to select. If they are greyed out, you do not yet have enough points for those rewards. Once you select your points reward, confirm, and show the QR code at the Register or through the Drive-Thru. Make note, you must make a purchase to redeem points.
Do points expire?Yes, after 6 months from the earned date.
Why can’t I use more than one reward, discount, or coupon offer per transaction?We only allow one reward, discount, or coupon offer per transaction at this time.
Can I combine two different accounts?It's not possible to combine two accounts or rewards corresponding to those accounts at this time.
Why can't I use special offers on Taco Tuesday specially-priced items?We do not offer additional discounting on our specially-priced Taco Tuesday products at this time. Heck, you're already getting a great deal!
Do I earn points through third-party Delivery Vendors like Door Dash and Uber Eats?Not at this time. To earn points you must order at the Register in Restaurant, the Drive-Thru, through Mobile Ordering, or through our Taco John’s in-app Delivery.
I keep receiving an error message in-app, what gives?Make sure you've updated your Taco John's app by visiting your app store. Still experiencing issues? Delete your app, and re-install!
I am receiving too many communications via my app or email. How do I unsubscribe?Visit your device's 'Settings' to opt-out of in-app messaging. Click the unsubscribe link in your email to be removed from all Taco John's emailed communications.
How can I verify I received credit / points for my purchase?Visit the 'More' tab in-app and choose the Account History tab. From here, you can see your purchase history with Taco John's.
It says ‘I am out of range’ when I am in the Drive Thru!Ensure "locations" is turned on for your app and that you have internet connection. Still having issues? Contact the app team under "Need help?" on your app account.
How many times can I ‘Check In’ or ‘Earn Points’ per day?We love that our Guests want to visit us more than one a day. Each Member can visit us twice a day and earn points or redeem discounts related to the Loyalty Program.
It says "receipt reuse" and I've never entered this receipt?If you redeem a coupon through the app, the receipt is added automatically added by your store's POS system. Review your Account History.
Am I allowed to have more than one Account if I have more than one device?No, each Guest is only allowed one Rewards Account at this time.

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How do I reset my password?Select the Forgot Password option at app sign in. Enter your email address associated with your Taco John's mobile app account, and a reset password email will be sent to the corresponding address. Reset your password from the email sent and log into your account with the new password.
I need to update My Account information, where in the Mobile App can I do this?Visit the 'More' tab in-app and choose the Profile tab. From here you can update all of your Account Information.
I have an issue with the Mobile App / my Rewards Account and require further assistance. How can I get help?Send your inquiry to [email protected] and a representative will contact you to resolve the issue.

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Do all Taco John’s locations participate in Mobile Ordering?Yes, except for Love’s Travel Stops locations, all Taco John’s locations participate in Mobile Ordering.
Can I cancel my mobile order after submitting it?Please call the location directly to cancel your order.
I don’t see my location on mobile ordering, where is it?If the location is not listed, then that location may not offer mobile ordering. Please call the location directly to confirm.
Can I order on the website? I don't want the mobile app.You can place your order through our website here no mobile app necessary!

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Learn more about your Holiday Bonus Card here. NO CASH VALUE. Not redeemable for cash. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Bonus card only valid January 1 – February 28, 2023. Limit one per customer per visit. Must present bonus card at time of purchase. Bonus card may be used toward one purchase after which the card must be surrendered to the participating Taco John’s® location.
Can I pay through the Mobile App for my Mobile Order with a Gift Card?Not at this time, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
Where do I check my gift card balance?You can check the balance of your gift card here or at your local Taco John's.
Where can I purchase a Taco John's gift card?You can purchase a Taco John's Gift Card by visiting any of our locations. They are available in store or through the drive-thru. Online ordering is also available to purchase eGift cards or send gift cards by mail using the Taco John’s Gift Card site.
Why don’t I receive points when purchasing Gift Cards?Gift Cards are not eligible for points at this time.
Help! My gift card is not working, what do I do?Please visit your local Taco John's, we'd be happy to assist you with any gift card inquiries.

Catering back to top

Help! I need to contact ezCater.Use this link to connect with ezCater about placing an order, help with an order, or any additional questions: Contact Us - ezCater Customer Service is available 24/7.
Where are the ezCater FAQs?Here is the link to ezCater’s FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - ezCater
Can I earn Rewards Points on my Catering order?No, Catering orders do not qualify for Rewards Points at this time.

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