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Quesadilla Taco

January 27, 2020

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Taco Perfecto

Been searching for the perfect taco? Well, you can end your search because we’ve created the truly perfect taco: the Taco Perfecto. This extra-long taco gives you the best bite every bite with a nine-inch long shell for a one-of-a-kind taco. It may have been hard to perfect, but it’s easy to eat.

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Taco Bravo®

January 2, 2017

Sometimes even the smallest tweaks can change the game. The forward pass in football, the alley-oop in basketball, and smothering a warm tortilla in refried beans and wrapping it around a taco. Taco John’s Taco Bravo® is a true game-changer that will get you on your feet.

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Stuffed Grilled Taco

Not all things are meant to stay the same. Take the taco for instance. Sure, it’s great and tasty in its original iteration, but why not change it up a little bit? So we did, and we’d like to introduce you to the Taco John’s Stuffed Grilled Taco, AKA, your new favorite. This taco evolution […]

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Softshell Taco

Variety is always a good thing. Sometimes you want the flavor of a classic taco without the crunch. And you know what? That’s ok. That’s why we have our softshell tacos. We’ll give you everything you love, 100% American beef (or upgrade to chicken), fresh lettuce, cheddar cheese, and signature mild sauce, and then we […]

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